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Housing Development,
East Midlands

The Uniti process was recently used to ensure that a new housing development in the East Midlands met the client’s needs and specification.


Uniti worked with closely with the client to understand both the detail outputs and what they saw as the important outcomes for the scheme and their customers. Uniti then completed an independent assessment of the new communal heating scheme against the agreed specification. The performance gaps that were identified were detailed for the client, their principle designer and the main contractor for rectification prior to handover. This was then rechecked through the Uniti quality assurance process.


The Uniti process focuses on delivering the heat network that the client needs rather than what they may be given at by contractor, designers and suppliers at handover. This ensures that the scheme delivers low cost, low carbon and reliable heating and hot water for the client and their customers for years to come.

Moray Lodge 2_edited.jpg
Moray Lodge 3.jpg


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